The process of enlarging a penis by stretching

Stretching a penis means using hands or a special device to make your penis look larger. But as it is proved the result can be very little. Sometimes even temporary. One should remember that all the manipulations of penis enlargement are tricky. There are two main techniques of stretching:

  1. Exercises with hands involving stretching the tissue.
  2. Using a special device. Though the researchers study if they really work or not.

Some of the devices can improve the curve of a penis, and promise an instant erection at using them.

The scientific approach

Research in this sphere is limited. Nothing can prove the effective techniques of penis enhancement by stretching. But it is possible to achieve a temporary enlargement. As one of the examples says the participants can achieve the effect of increasing by using a special device. The result was about 1,8 up to 3,1 centimetres.

Traction devices are studied better. The men who wear these traction devices can gain a centimetre for a month. In 2013 there was another proof that claimed that men achieve an enlargement by using a traction device.

There are some rules about how to do the manipulations with hands:

  1. Do it when a penis is flaccid;
  2. Stop in any case of discomfort;
  3. Do it only several times a day to avoid injuries;
  4. The time of exercises can be not more than 5 minutes.

As for jelqing, there is another piece of advice:

  1. Use O-shape with your fingers;
  2. Put little pressure on an organ;
  3. Move your fingers to the head of a penis;
  4. Do the exercises 20-30 minutes a day.

The manipulations with a device

In the pursuit of male enhancement, men pay attention to different devices. Sometimes they use a pump. It allows to pull blood and it achieves an erection. It must have remained in this state for 30 minutes. It is possible to have sex or masturbate simultaneously.

If we speak about a traction device, you should put your penis into the end of it. Stretch it until you feel pain, in this case, it’s better to stop not to be injured. The penis must be remained stretched for 4 or 6 hours a day. If you use it instead of male enhancement pills, follow the doctor’s recommendations.

You can achieve the effect only using it several hours a day for a long period of time. If you feel uncomfortable, it’s better to stop and consult a doctor not to get complications. Male enhancement supplements can be safer, but you won’t achieve a visible result.


Possible problems with hepatitis C and ways to solve them

People with hepatitis C can be treated the right way using modern facilities. But, during the treatment, some difficulties and problems could appear.

Need to be informed

If there is hepatitis C occurred, it is important to know about the state of health and treatment options. This will help to choose the right way of treatment and eliminate health risks. It is known that the treatment of hepatitis in the early stages can prevent the development of cirrhosis and risk to have cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain information as early as possible.

Information can be obtained in the following ways:

  • ask your doctor or doctors for treatment options and time;
  • clarify information several times if some info is missed;
  • learn online resources of official institutions dealing with this problem.

Earlier treatment of hepatitis C will help to maintain health and make your life longer.

No shame

People with this disease are ashamed of their disease because their friends and relatives consider it as embarrassed one. Some people reproach themselves. Thus, this situation can cause the patient not to start treatment. But, it’s necessary to change the way of thinking. The method of infection does not make any sense, each patient deserves treatment with kind of love.

To go through the crisis and discomfort, try to communicate with other patients with a similar disease. Do not hesitate to contact support groups and online forums, call hotlines and helplines if necessary.

The cost of cure

Cure of hepatitis C could cost lots of money. If you are not able to cover all the costs, you can count on financial help. There are some assistance programs. Information about them can be obtained from the American liver Foundation.

Sometimes doctors offer to participate in clinical tests. If you agree to take part in, experimental treatment is provided free of charge. Consultation with a doctor will help to understand all the advantages and disadvantages of such treatment.

Side influence

Antiviral treatment of hepatitis will help to treat hepatitis C and avoid possible liver problems and the appearance of cancer or some other dangerous diseases. This works for the future.

But, if we consider the treatment itself in a short time, you should be ready to have some side effects. In order to prepare for treatment and the action of medicines in advance, it is necessary to clarify the information from the attending physician. The doctor will help to find the right attitude for the chosen treatment.

Psychoactive agents and consequences of their use

People who use injection drugs often get hepatitis C. Also, all researches say that such people use psychoactive drugs as well. The use of drugs and psychoactive agents cause some difficulties for the treatment of hepatitis. Firstly, it is necessary to overcome the drug addiction dependence and the use of such agents, and then start treatment of hepatitis C.

To learn about addiction treatment courses, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or find an available online data of cure programs from SAMSA. Also, you could deal with state treatment programs.


You should start treating hepatitis C from the beginning. It could help to avoid many health problems in the future. If it is difficult to achieve the correct service, you need to contact the medical centre or use web resources and chats. People with hep C or cured ones will help you and give info where to go and where to get the necessary psychological help.